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About K9 Hope

Welcome to K9Hope.org dog rescue, sanctuary, and online advocacy group. K9hope.org dog rescue is based out of the beautiful Mazano Mountains of central New Mexico. We are a very unique 7 acre dog rescue/sanctuary group dedicated to rescuing dogs in need but also assisting people who are facing major life’s challenges were a rescue dog can make a huge difference in their quality of life.

Our roots as an organization date back to the great hurricane Katrina. As we all know this storm destroyed a lot of lives for animals and people. K9hope was blessed to save 11 dogs and reunified 5 of them with their original families after they were able to reestablish their new homes. It’s because of this experience we learned quickly the power of dogs love and what it can do to help people to push on and persevere through life’s greatest challenges.

“We believe a little hope can go a long way in helping people to keep their faith that things can and will get better. A lot of times this hope we speak of starts with the love and kisses of a dog.” Bob Boylan