Breeding Dog Buyback

The breeding dog buyback program is designed to help get breeding dogs out of breeders programs sooner and offer people a financial incentive to stop breeding their dogs altogether. To sponsor each dog we need to raise $1000.00 dollars. We pay the dog breeders $300 of sponsorship funds per retired animal. The remaining $700.00 of funding goes to cover spay/neutering, shots, teeth cleaning /extraction, transport, and any adoption fee costs. We hope to raise enough funds in 2017 to cover 15 dogs sponsorship. We need your help to change 15 breeding dogs life’s forever. Your funds will take them from an unfulfilled / somewhat bleak life and offer them a chance to be just a happy loving pet. K9 Hope also plans to use this program as a means of dog breeder access, where we will video document any abuse or neglect cases. All found puppy mills will be reported & our video evidence will be given to the proper state Veterinarian boards or empowered area ASPCA authorities. Help us give some dogs back their lives!

Breeding Dog Buy Back Program: Goal Met 1%