Elderly Dog Care Program

The EDC program is designed to help elderly sick individuals and families have a safe place where their dogs can go to when their owners pass. The primary goal of the program is to help people gain peace of mind before or during passing. One of the biggest worries for many people dyeing is who will care for their Fur-kid. Many of these dogs are older and socially issolatetid like their owners, so it’s common for many of the dog’s to live out the rest of their lives with K9Hope in the sanctuary. When it is possible- the more socially dynamic and healthy dogs in the program will be placed in forever homes.

Help us save beloved elder dogs from going to the local shelter/pound because they lost their owners. We need your financial support by sponsoring individual elder dogs of sick individuals who cannot pay for their dogs lifetime care with us. Most all of these dogs have only known a life full of loving care from their owner’s-help us help them to keep that same happy life. Here is a link to our elder dog page were older doggies are looking for a hero sponsor like yourself!

Please follow this link if you are an older person or family member who wants to make set preplans for our help with their dogs before death or major sickness.

Elderly Dog Care Program: Goal Met 1%