Operation Feed the Hungry

K9Hope Food for the Homeless & their Dogs

This is one of our programs that unfortuntely is always growing in demand. The south west and Albuquerque area have a very high homeless population. We try to provide some comfort by giving the displaced homeless individual’s bag lunches and their dogs a week supply of food and water. The homeless have great connections to their dogs because they keep them both safe and warm. Many of these people are women and children not just men. We all know that a dog can be a foundation to build a life around, and we want people to get the help that will hopefully get’s both of them of the street. We have a funding goal of 10K for the 2017 fiscal year. Hunger is a terrible thing for anyone or dog to experience-lets feed those in need of a little tender loving care from good-hearted strangers like you. Please visit our Wish List page to donate to this amazing life betterment cause.

Operation Feed The Hungry: Goal Met 1%